Absolutely in love with the cosrx products as these provide sheer formula for better results.
Galactomyces 95 power whitening essence i s pure love for :
  • dry skins
  • patchy skins
  • pigmentations 
  • uneven tones
Its unique formula gives a glow at instant.
I am satisfied with the product as i have sensitive skin and not all products can suit me.
I have to be very choosy in selecting products.

Use it twice a day!!! 
If normal skin, once in a day is a happy number.

It has sheer, brightening formula.
 At the same time it reduces scars as well.
100% easy to use
No cons at all.
But so many advantages.
  • brighten up the skin
  • clear scars 
  • hydrates the skin
  • easy to use as packaging is excellent with a pump.

Blog By: Tayyaba Rahim